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Whether your company is in the electronic life safety, security and systems industry, or includes members of the industry among its customer base, NCESA is here to meet your needs. 

North Carolina is a charter State of the ESA.  When joining the NCESA members will receive the full benefit of the national association. 


The North Carolina Electronic Security Association (NCESA) is dedicated to representing, promoting and supporting the electronic life safety, security and systems industry. Our member companies specialize in a wide spectrum of services to commercial and residential consumers, including security and fire alarms, video surveillance, access control and monitoring. 

We deliver value to members through government advocacy, communications services, professional development, and networking opportunities and endorsed programs that they rely on to prosper and grow their businesses.  

For many security professionals NCESA membership means a powerful voice for change at the state level. For others, it’s the opportunity to discuss common challenges and share best practices with industry colleagues…stay abreast of technology and policy developments…profit from proven business-building ideas…and enjoy exclusive, discounted access to learning resources and valuable business services. 

Government Relations

NCESA analyzes legislation and its impact on the industry – and provides detailed information and guidance to our membership. We are the only voice for electronic life safety, security and systems industry’s advocate in Raleigh. We watch, affect, and lobby for, or against, pending legislation and regulations that stand to have an effect on the industry. 

Education and Training

NCESA offers a wide range of education and training pro-grams, from entry-level skills through advanced career development. Our members receive significant discounts on traditional classroom courses and materials. Through NCESA membership, our members access training and education opportunities that inspire fresh ideas for expanding their business.

Networking Opportunities

A key element of NCESA membership is the opportunity to network with fellow members and industry peers. Whether conducting the business of the association at a committee meeting – or enjoying themselves at the annual convention – our members gain as much value from networking with colleagues as from the structured programs. Membership provides a forum for receiving information and exchanging ideas, both of which offer the potential to form lifelong friendships and contribute to an increased bottom line. 


NCESA keeps members up-to-date on social, economic, and technological changes and the potential effect on their businesses. Our members receive information to help them keep their finger on the pulse of the industry as well as the challenges and opportunities that face their companies. This information is available to members through our print publications, e-newsletters and our informative website, while critical, time-sensitive issues are reported to members through electronic newsflashes. 

Member-Only Discounts

NCESA membership offers exclusive discounts on products and services electronic life safety, security, and systems professionals use every day. By taking advantage of these programs, our members have the potential to save thousands of dollars each year. As this ever-evolving industry continues to change the way our members conduct business, our staff persistently explores partnerships to save them time, money, and resources. 

What’s in it for You?

As an industry professional you face the challenge of staying abreast of – and responding to – technological advances, legislative issues, and other changes to the environment in which you operate. You need information that is fast and reliable to help you remain competitive. You need training – and you need to provide your employees with training – to grow your bottom line by increasing your professionalism and improving operation efficiencies. You need mentors and colleagues that you can turn to for quick advice and tried-and-true solutions. You need the power of numbers for discounts on products and services and you need one strong, collective voice to accomplish that which you cannot accomplish alone. 

You need the power of NCESA behind your company.

Have a question about membership? Contact us executivedirector@nc-esa.org.

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